In attendance: Lea, Kevin, Nathan, Jake, Katie, Eesh

@MIT: n/a

Absent: Gabi, Laura

  • Quick debrief on Steinbach Scholars
    1. Feedback for Lea to make instructions easier for next year’s Reps?
      1. Kevin went through like 5 people invited before they found one. Maybe need to start planning even farther in advance, like send out the instructions on Dec 1 so that Reps can do a round on student nominations before the holidays. Also had trouble getting the Scholar to answer emails, and Kevin called when he was feeling desperate.
      2. Some scholars have plenty of WHOI people to bump into and talk to. For someone who is well-acquainted with WHOI, there is very little that the Rep needs to plan except for ensuring interactions with students.
      3. For Katie, several people dropped out of a lunch event at the last minute. Had to scramble to find more people and then Katie attended the lunch and needed to still get the BBQ food supply. Next year, they should buy the BBQ supplies on the weekend ahead of time, and maybe keep the lunch more flexible and casual to allow for changes? Or stress to people that attending these events reflects on WHOI.
      4. Send the schedule to the Scholar in advance, and sending the schedule the night before for the next day during the visit.
      5. Nathan’s invitee was also not great about replying to emails but was great and engaged while he was here. He wanted a fair amount of free time and flexibility to plan things. There’s a sense that it’s like a ‘science vacation.’
      6. Each of the Scholars had an office space to hang out or have as a home base for meetings, etc.
    2. Reminder to put notes, flyers, info, etc, up on the drive for next year’s Reps to be able to reference
      1. Clean up the drive
      2. Plan for 40 for BBQs
  • Welcome BBQ
    1. Went well
    2. Budget was great (140), since there were a lot of leftovers from the Scholar BBQs and things
    3. 4pm to 6:30pm, great turnout 30-40 people
    4. Don’t forget to request coolers! The basketball court grill is really hard to work.
    5. Eesh and Jake will update the list for food.
  • Piano
    1. Moving it on Friday, Jake will be involved in getting it. We’ll put it in the same place as the old one was. APO is paying for the move.
    2. Then we’ll get it tuned once it’s in.
    3. Planning an event
      1. Include other things, like the pool table (just uncover it)
      2. Give people about 3 weeks notice?
      3. Send an email asking for interest for playing music- Chrissy will send this email and then Jake can contact all those people and pick a date.
  • Resource scheduler / jelly talk - EB
    1. Use LDAP to log in
    2. People wanted more toppings for ice cream
    3. Nathan is going to give a Jelly Talk this week
    4. Get pizza this week, from Papa Gino’s, talk to Meghan Jones
  • Future Reps
    1. Turnover in September
    2. One or two people should stay on, or stagger the election. There should be overlap because it’s so hard to have complete turnover.
    3. Have the previous Treasurer and President attend a couple more meetings after the turnover?
    4. Recommend that geologists do it in 2nd/4th year, and from other departments 3rd/4th years.
    5. Remind people to check with their advisors about it being okay to be a Rep
    6. Departments send emails to ask for new dept Reps and Nathan will send an email for at-large Rep nominations
  • Clean up the Student Center- Eesh, Chrissy, Katie, immediately following meeting.